12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236

A Way to Live

We realized that the best way to make a difference in senior care was in the day-to-day operation of a facility thus, founding Cornerstone Care Option.

Kevin & Sharon McKay Owners/Operators
The owners and operators, Kevin & Sharon McKay
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In 1999, I took my first job in healthcare as a caregiver. After about a month, I knew that this field, working with seniors, was my calling. I felt as if it was my responsibility to make the lives of those people who were living away from their loved ones and away from the comforts of their own homes better. I have never regretted my decision to embark upon this career path. I have grown tremendously over the years working in long-term care. Serving as the RCF’s Administrator, I consider Cornerstone my second home, not just a job that I go to 5 days a week. While every day comes with its challenges, they also come with love, laughter and meaning. I cannot pinpoint an exact memory or experience at Cornerstone that is the most memorable, but I can say that each day when I walk in the door, I am greeted by residents who are happy to see me. Seeing happy people living and happy people working here helps me to realize that I am in the right place, am in the right field and am in the right position to continue to make a positive difference in this world.