12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236

A Way to Live

We realized that the best way to make a difference in senior care was in the day-to-day operation of a facility thus, founding Cornerstone Care Option.

Kevin & Sharon McKay Owners/Operators
The owners and operators, Kevin & Sharon McKay
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    It's immediately obvious that this is not an organization that scrimps on anything because it's not in business for huge profits that get funneled to shareholders.

    Loraine Fessenden

    Every time I went to see my mother, the staff were upbeat, thorough in providing updates from activities to medical, and my mother lived many years longer due to their care and professionalism.

    Jim Rood

    I would highly recommend Cornerstone Care Option to anyone making the difficult decision for a loved one.

    Wes Haas

    I truly appreciate the inclusiveness of your approach to resident care!

    Mary O'Bryan, RN. BSN

    It was always a comfort knowing that when we left, he was in good hands.

    The Crenshaws

    This is his home now with what I call our extended family.

    Sue Peterson

    We thought this was the right place for Mom

    Jerry and Jerry Annas

    I can not recommend them highly enough.

    Lane Brown

    Everyone within the community works together to create an environment of family.

    Debi Canales

    I believe that Cornerstone Care Option is a "one of a kind" facility.

    Marcie Heald

    I feel very fortunate that I will always know my dad had a dignified and comfortable transition from this world.

    Brooke Cedros

    I wish there were more places like Cornerstone where our loved ones can experience such a high level of professional and fun care that you all provide.

    Carla Pfund

    You communicate always, are compassionate and caring and my Dad and those who love him are very, very fortunate!

    Judi Stephens