12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236

A Way to Live

We realized that the best way to make a difference in senior care was in the day-to-day operation of a facility thus, founding Cornerstone Care Option.

Kevin & Sharon McKay Owners/Operators
The owners and operators, Kevin & Sharon McKay
Cornerstone Care Option
12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236
Dear Cornerstone Care Option,

My Father Richard had become disabled in 1998 after a brain surgery. After being in a number of other care facilities in Arizona, we moved my Father to Portland in 2006.

After a long search we settled on Cornerstone Care Option.

I found Kevin & Sharon McKay and the entire staff at Cornerstone Care Option to be most sensitive to my Father's needs. I found the level of professionalism, communication, and living environment to be unmatched to any other facility that he's been to. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Care Option to anyone making the difficult decision for a loved one.