12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236

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We realized that the best way to make a difference in senior care was in the day-to-day operation of a facility thus, founding Cornerstone Care Option.

Kevin & Sharon McKay Owners/Operators
The owners and operators, Kevin & Sharon McKay
Cornerstone Care Option
12640 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97236
Dear Cornerstone Care Option,

Our family had to make a quick decision about dad's increasing care needs. After looking at several possibilities for dad's new residence, I discovered Cornerstone Care Option. As a retired RN, I found everything from the initial tour, the intake interview, the spacious and clean rooms, and the staff/ resident ratio to be outstanding. Dad required special care because repeated falls. In order to maintain his independence and address his balance problems, the staff worked together quickly, applying several innovative approaches that resulted in an immediate decrease in falls and injuries.

Providing a home for many people with complex and ever-changing care needs is a challenge! At Cornerstone Care Option, the owner-administrator is on-site daily and is closely involved with decisions about each resident's care. Decisions are made quickly and individual care plans adjusted as needs change. The staff is exceptionally well trained and well supervised. No resident's need is too small. If a resident wants something besides rice krispies for breakfast, all he has to do is ask! And speaking of food: the entire staff works to make meal time enjoyable, satisfying and nutritious! Afternoon treats are always something special!

I used to worry about the care dad received especially during the night time. I was immediately reassured to find that staffing was adequate to meet everyone's needs on all shifts no matter the hour. The wonderful people who work the night shift stay awake! They communicate with walkie-talkies while scurrying and giving care from one end of the halls to the other!

Respecting ones dignity is one of the many things the staff does well! People aren't spoken to in baby-talk or a reprimanding tone. Care is taken to unobtrusively maintain residents' safety needs. Great daily activities are provided for fun and social interaction. A trip to a Trail Blazer game was enjoyed by a group of residents that required constant supervision and care. And, oh yes, I must not forget the special care that's taken with resident's clothing by the laundry staff.

Cornerstone Care Option is clean, modern and spotlessly maintained by a dedicated and helpful maintenance supervisor. It's immediately obvious that this is not an organization that scrimps on anything because it's not in business for huge profits that get funneled to shareholders. Cornerstone's facility and the care provided reflect the generous heart of its owner/administrator! You won't find another that's better in the metro area.