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Welcoming You and Your Family into Ours

As a family owned and operated facility, Cornerstone is committed to creating a living environment where residents and their family can feel at home. We seek to provide services that not only emphasize quality of care and life, but also promote respect, dignity and choice for our residents. Skilled in working with challenging behaviors, our problem-solving approach to providing dementia care has proven effective in developing interventions that are specific to each individual resident’s needs. Licensed for 40 Intermediate Nursing Care and 16 Residential Care residents, we are able to successfully balance the individual attention one expects at a small facility, with the space and breathing room of a larger facility. We look forward to your call and opening our family to yours.

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What Makes Cornerstone Unique?

Besides being family owned and operated, Cornerstone is a true leader in the field of long-term care when it comes to providing superior care. Along with this commitment to delivering high-quality care and services, we are equally dedicated to creating a homelike atmosphere where resident and family needs are met, preferences are addressed, and input is valued. Cornerstone Care Option received Oregon Patient Safety Commission's 2016 Leading Participant award for consistently analyzing patient harm events and for their contributions to make shared learning possible. With a focus on improving in areas that both directly and indirectly affect resident daily life, such as those pertaining to care, the dining experience, staffing and even to the physical environment, our involvement with this movement has only further established our promise to transform Cornerstone from a nursing facility to a place that our residents can call and where they can feel at home.