Long-Term Care Resources

In Home Care

With some support, an individual may be able to remain in their home or relocate to a retirement setting. Typical services may include meal preparation, housekeeping, medication administration, and bathing assistance. While this does require direct coordination of the care givers, this option can be particularly successful if there are involved family members.

Adult Foster Care

When individuals need some form of 24 hour care, this may be a positive alternative. These private homes are licensed to care for up to five residents at one time. Services include room, board, and 24 hour care. The actual level of care available is determined by the specific home license. In evaluating this as a care alternative, it is important to determine if the foster care truly can meet the specific needs of the resident, 24 hours a day.

Assisted Living and Residential Care

While these two alternatives have different environmental approaches, they fall under similar staffing requirements. Assisted Living Facilities have private rooms, which include a restroom and kitchenette. Residential care may have shared rooms with available restrooms. Both of these options provide room, board, 24 hour care givers and have a registered nurse on call. These alternatives provide independence with valuable supportive services. Cornerstone Care Option provides Residential Care.

Nursing Facility Care

Usually, both skilled and intermediate care are available at a true nursing care facility. Intermediate care includes room, board, 24 hour nursing, incontinent care, and other professional services. Skilled care provides similar services in addition to therapy and complex medical treatment. With certified nursing assistants, licensed nurses, and accessible physicians, prompt assessments and treatment should always be an expectation in both settings. Additional features may also be available in both intermediate and skilled facilities, such as wandering security or advanced treatment training. Cornerstone Care Option provides Intermediate Care.

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